Dedicated Sound and Audio Inc.
Dedicated Sound and Audio Inc.
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Industry: Business to Business

Founded: 2012

Our Concealed Flat Panel Speaker is genuinely unique from all other forms of electrical audio sound reproduction, most of which are based on the controlled motion of a piston-like structure. Much like a violin or acoustic guitar, Sound Art works on the same principle of radiating sound through distributed mode vibrations. The entire body of the acoustic guitar, for example, is a complex vibrating mass that radiates sound energy in all directions. The strings of the acoustic guitar through the guitar’s bridge function to excite or set off those vibrations. By themselves, the vibrations of the strings contribute little to the acoustic energy radiated from the instrument; hence an electric guitar does not make a great deal of sound without an amplifier.

If you understand how a violinist can fill an entire concert hall with sound, yet not go deaf from being so close to the violin itself, then you understand how our technology works. Traditional speakers blow you away with volumes of sound; whereas, our technology permeates the room you are in, in a more natural way.

In essence, our speaker technology replaces the strings and bridge of an acoustic musical instrument with a compact electromagnetic coil device called a transducer. The transducer is capable of converting electrical signals that carry the full audio frequency bandwidth into a small linear motion, generating up to ten times more radiating sound surface than a conventional loudspeaker. The transducer is then used to “excite” a soundboard. It is the soundboard itself, through a complex distributed mode vibrating action, which then radiates large amounts of energy into the surrounding environment without any perceived large excursion of a diaphragm.  Sound Art™  engages the flat-panel surface, reproducing accurate highs, as well as mid and low range sounds, which meet, and often exceed, national-brand speakers across all frequencies.

Sound Art ushers in an era of invisible, beautiful and amazing sound throughout your home and redefines your entire entertainment system. The need to reclaim your floor space and rid your home of unsightly speaker boxes that need to be bolted to the wall is now a thing of the past.

Sound Art is beautifully hidden behind a high grade textured canvas wrap. Very much in line with the frame material, the canvas wrap has also been specifically selected for this system. The textured surface allows for better sound diffusion, while at the same time providing for a pleasing artistic appearance.

Sound Art is the perfect marriage of engineering and design. We did not sacrifice one for the other. We wanted materials that, from an engineering perspective, gave us the best fidelity in any sound application. Yet it had to be aesthetically pleasing as well. The soul of Sound Art is the beauty that you bring into your home, that is the design. The heart of Sound Art is the amazing sounds you will get from the embedded technology, that is the engineering. We feel we have combined the two perfectly into Sound Art.